Rohani de Pont
Rohani de PontGeneral & Commercial Manager
Tel: +599 9 737 5261
Sugeidy Windster
Sugeidy WindsterEducation & Programming Manager
Tel: +599 9 737 5261
Sabrina d'Arco
Sabrina d'ArcoOperational Manager
Tel: +599 9 737 5261
Saida Martina
Saida MartinaReceptionist & School Coordinator
Tel: +599 9 737 5261
Mahalia Sparen
Mahalia SparenAdministration
Tel: +599 9 737 5261
Esther de Sola-Pijl
Esther de Sola-PijlFounder & Special Projects
Tel: +599 9 737 5261

Raad van Toezicht & Board of “Stichting Kindermuseum Curaçao”

Children’s Museum Curaçao is a non-profit organization managed by a Raad van Toezicht and a board. The primary role of the board is establishing vision, policy and resources. The board also monitors that goals are met. The museum has full-time professional staff that is responsible for the day to day activities.


Carine Jaensch

Marten O’Neill

Julian Lopez Ramirez


Chairman: Ingenie Dammers

Treasurer: Neysa Isenia

Secretary: Nikki Dijkshoorn

Founder & Board member: Esther de Sola-Pijl

Board member: Loes van der Woude

Board member: Farley Virginia

Board member: Inette Pijl

Board member: Dorine Baas

Board member: Talitha Hollander

Founders of Children’s Museum Curaçao

Jora de Jong and Esther de Sola are the founders of Children’s Museum Curacao. In 2014 they’ve began their process of “Let’s build a Children’s Museum” offically. They visited almost 30 children’s museums all around the world to get an idea about the concept, the do’s and don’ts and what type of museum they wanted to build for Curaçao. In 2014 they established Stichting Kindermuseum Curaçao and only three and a half years later the first Children’s Museum on Curaçao opened its doors!

It takes a village to raise a child but it takes a team to build a children’s museum. Since 2015 Inette Pijl and Nikki Dijkshoorn have been part of the Founders Team. First as volunteers, than as part of the management team and now as proud board members. Our first official founding board member was Loes van der Woude and she still is a prominent board member. There has been a big group of people who have put their passion and time in to make this happen.

Museum Ambassadors 

Ambassadors share their wealth of experience and expertise with museum staff and board as needed. They do not work at the museum on a daily basis but are ‘on call’ with advice, direction and shared passion for the mission of the museum. Their enthusiasm and guidance has been and continues to be greatly appreciated and valued.