Be a Superhero!

A superhero helps people in need. You, as a superhero, can help the Children’s Museum help the Children of Curaçao. Everybody can help, everybody can be a superhero!

Children’s Museum Curaçao is dependent on financial support. With your support we make sure the Childrens Museum of Curacao remains a place for all Children of our beautiful island, regardless of any limitations.

Together we can achieve our goal to make the museum a place every child can visit while remaining a safe, inspiring, fun and educational experience.

Superheroes support the following

  • Maintenance of our inclusive playground;
  • Create special educational programs within the museum which can be offered at a reduced rate;
  • Provide families with disabled children to come visit the Children’s Museum for free all year long;
  • Pick up children from less fortunate families/neighborhoods and have them enjoy a day at the Children’s Museum;
  • Have special rates for school visits to the Children’s Museum.

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