A museum from the community, for the community

Every child has rights and deserves the same opportunities to optimally develop their skills. This means that children must be able to have access to facilities that contribute to their development. Some children and families will find their way to Children’s Museum Curaçao on their own. A large group, however, will have to deal with various difficulties that make a visit to Children’s Museum Curaçao more difficult or even impossible.

Museum for All Program

The museum has developed the Museum for All Program to give children from lower-income families and children with physical and/or mental disabilities the opportunity to visit the museum. The museum aims to be an accessible meeting place where children and families from all backgrounds can come together.

Thanks to Reda Sosial and our Museum for All-Donors, we can provide this opportunity to various children care organizations in Curaçao.

The museum visit

A visit to the museum as part of the Museum for All Program is no different than any other museum visit. Children get generous playtime in the indoor and outdoor exhibits. First of all, they rotate between the different inside exhibitions. After a short break on the porch, they can continue to play on the back porch, patio, and in the woods.

Role of the adult

During the museum visit, children get the opportunity to explore, create, play and enjoy each other’s company in a different setting than usual. These visits are not only beneficial for the children’s development, but also for the adults that accompany the group. When adults get involved in their children’s play, they develop an even stronger bond. At Children’s Museum Curaçao everybody can connect or reconnect with their inner child. It is an opportunity to discover and further develop the power of play as a group.

Physical Accessibility

The museum aims to be financially but also physically accessible for all children of Curaçao

  • The museum is wheelchair accessible and has a wheelchair accessible toilet
  • Each Exhibit Zones has at least one element that is suitable for physically and intellectually challenged children
  • Sensory integration ïs available in various Exhibit Zones
  • Specialized volunteers are part of the team
  • Use of light colors on the walls

Priceless reactions

Throughout the year the museum welcomes lots of different groups such as child care organizations, groups from kas di bario, and other groups as part of the Museum for All Program.

The reaction of the teachers and children is always priceless. Their enthusiasm when arriving at the museum and during their visit does not remain unnoticed.

It was instructive for the mentors, but also a moment of fun with the children. This is also important as generally tutors do not really play together with children.

On behalf of the team of Children’s Museum Curaçao, a big thank you to Reda Sosial and our Museum for All-Donors for the trust and for making this program possible.

What others say about a visit to Children’s Museum Curaçao

Excited about visiting the museum with your group? For more information and reservation you can send an email to education@childrensmuseumcuracao.org or call us at (+5999) 737-5261.