About the Children’s Museum

Children’s Museum Curaçao is a place where children learn through the power of play. At Children’s Museum Curaçao, we provide a rich environment that stimulates children’s natural curiosity and creativity. In contrast with traditional museums that typically have a hands-off policy, Children’s Museum Curaçao features interactive exhibit zones that are designed especially for children and their developmental needs.

The museum is multi-sensory, hands-on, active and a child-centered place where children are free to explore, engage and connect with the world in which they live. Children are encouraged to touch, manipulate objects and create their own outcomes. Enter the world of learning through play, discovery and hands-on exploration for young children (ages 1-8 years old) and their families.

Our mission

Children’s Museum Curaçao brings children and families together, with meaningful learning experiences that create a spark for discovery and a lifelong love of learning through the power of play.

Our vision

Children’s Museum Curaçao is a high-quality, child-centered learning environment accessible to all children and their families. The Children’s Museum Curaçao promotes the development of all children so that they can fulfill their true potential and contribute to our collective wellbeing and future prosperity. The museum contributes to the development of fundamental skills like cognitive, physical, social-emotional and creative development.

Our values


The power of play is the foundational believe on which Children’s Museum Curaçao is build on. The best way for young children to learn is by doing and exploring. Play is crucial for a healthy child development and is a fundamental right of every child, as recognized by the United Nations. Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.


Because the parent or caregiver is the most important teacher of a child the Children’s Museum Curaçao promotes family learning. The museum develops exhibits and programs that connect children and their families. Parents can learn about their children’s interests just by watching them explore.


Children’s Museum Curaçao promotes the sense of unity in the community of Curaçao. When children and their families of different backgrounds come together and interact through playful interaction social barriers are reduced and social differences become smaller. The Children’s Museum has a facilitating role to unite different organizations that work for and with children.


The availability of electronic devices has altered the landscape and changed the daily lives of our children. Children will connect with nature in a way we used to do. Explore the environment. Manipulate things. The museum promotes taking care of our planet, supports healthy living and preparing our children to make healthy and sustainable choices for themselves and the environment.


Children’s Museum Curaçao needs to be accessible and inclusive to ALL children of Curaçao. Every child deserves the same opportunities and possibilities that they need to optimally develop and grow into a successful human being. Our Museum for All Program and our Accessibility Program are focused on taking away logistic, social, physical and financial barriers for children and families with special needs.


Children’s Museum is a high-quality museum build with durable materials to create a clean and safe environment for the children to explore. We want to build a museum with a permanent character, where people can still visit for many years to come and strengthen our community. In short: a durable building with a healthy, durable financial structure.

Annual Report

Each year, Children’s Museum Curaçao prepares an annual report to share the year’s highlights and successes. You can download the report below: