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From Monday 11 February – Friday 15 February Children’s Museum Curaçao organizes a unique course in collaboration with the Council for Creative Education Finland (CCE). The Finnish Education system has been in the top ranking of school systems in the world and is an inspiration for many in the world. Now YOU get the chance to learn from the best and receive practical tools to integrate the principles of the best school system in the world in YOUR classroom.

There are only limited spaces available of which a great number is already taken. Please register quick to secure your spot!


The 5 training sessions will all have a hands-on approach for educators on how to introduce best practices of Finland’s school system in your classroom. Learn about the Finnish classroom that is described as learner-centered. The emphasis is on the student’s learning process. For example: students are expected to take an active role in designing their own learning activities but also to work collaboratively in teams on projects.

You can join one of the sessions or register for the complete course.

Monday: Introduction to the Finnish School system

The Finnish education system is known worldwide for its amazing PISA results, but how did they get there? To understand the secret of the success of the Finnish education this training will be most useful. Finnish education is way beyond what you learn from the internet or books.

  • Evolution of Finnish education system
  • Structure of the system
  • Important factors for its success
  • Peculiarities
  • What we can learn?

Tuesday: Introduction to Creative Pedagogy

This session will be about the concept of creativity. You will understand the importance of creativity in the classroom and creativity for life. It will also underline the activation of self-learning and self-exploration.

  • Creativity: meaning and description
  • Misconceptions about creativity
  • Theories of creativity
  • Need for creativity
  • Creativity-Identity Interaction model (CII)

Wednesday: Teaching vs. Learning

Attending this training will make the participants aware about active learning and active teaching. They will also get hands on experience of how to activate the classroom.

  • Meaning and description of learning
  • The process of learning
  • Self-experience
  • Meaning and description of teaching
  • Teaching with five senses
  • Role of teacher: teacher as a facilitator
  • Future is learning
  • Nurturing the creativity

Thursday: Activating the Classroom with Collaborative Learning

In this session we will focus specifically on how the technique of using small, cooperative groups in education can help improve learning in your class.

  • What is cooperative and collaborative learning?
  • How does cooperative and collaborative learning differ from the traditional approach?
  • How has cooperative and collaborative learning developed since they became popular?
  • What are the benefits of cooperative and collaborative learning?
  • What are some critical perspectives?
  • How can I use cooperative and collaborative learning in conjunction with other educational techniques?

Friday: Multimodal Teaching Techniques & Narrative Teaching Techniques

This session is intended to introduce a new approach of teaching. It is beneficial for engaging students with full attention. The participants will get hands on experience on how to use narratives and other narrative techniques in teaching subjects like Science, Geography, History.

  • A new approach to teaching
  • Understanding the importance of narrative
  • Effective use of narratives in the classroom
  • Different techniques of using narratives
  • Participation of students
  • Development of tools for narrative teaching
  • Useful for most of the school subjects
  • Easy to develop


Location: Landhuis Klein Kwartier

Time: 13:30 – 17:30


Number of sessions Costs
1 session

2 sessions

3 sessions

4 sessions

All sessions

Nafl. 65 per person

Nafl. 125 per person (instead of Nafl. 130)

Nafl. 180 per person (instead of Nafl. 195)

Nafl. 240 per person (instead of Nafl. 260)

Nafl. 300 per person (instead of Nafl. 325)

(Prices are excl. OB)


Please fill in the registration form. After the registration you will receive an invoice. After the payment you have secured your spot for this one-time opportunity to learn from the Finnish School System!

About the course

The Council for Creative Education Finland (CCE) is a global organization based in Finland and they provide training and school development programs to educators. They have served over 1.850 teachers from more than 35 countries.

Children’s Museum Curaçao believes in stimulating creativity (verhaal over creativity en hands on learning)

We are very proud of the collaboration between CMC and CCE for stimulating creative thinking within the classrooms of school. The focus of this training session will be Creative Pedagogy as this is based on the Finnish education model where creativity is blended in all classroom activities. Creative Pedagogy is also known as the science and art of creative teaching. As an educator you focus on teaching students to learn creatively and become creators of themselves.

About the trainer: Mrs. Shirin Kulkarni

  • Research Director and Co-founder of Council for Creative Education, CCE Finland
  • Entrepreneur, Researcher, Teacher Trainer and writer in the field of creativity in education and educational psychology.
  • Numerous articles published about creativity and education in various international newspapers
  • Total research experience in the field of psychology and education for 12+ years

International speaker and Trainer:

Speaks on Creativity in education, Nurturing Creativity, Creativity as a life-skill, Comparative studies in Education systems, Teacher education, Indology (Indian studies- Panchatantra-Narrative learning approach), Vedic education systems (Ancient Indian Education) already given in countries like Finland, Denmark, USA and UK.


  • CII (Creativity-identity Interaction) model
  • Comparative studies in Education
  • Winner of Golden Women Award 2015 in the Science and Innovation category
  • Recipient of University of Tampere Foundation’s Research Grant

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