Bubble Up…….

Bubbles have long been a source of fascination and delight for children of all ages. Join children in exploring the science, math, and physical beauty of bubbles.


  • Playing with bubbles is somewhat magical for children and always elicits giggles of delight. The process requires patience and self-control in the face of mounting anticipation.


  • Handling bubble blowers, frames, and equipment provides opportunities to develop and fine-tune a variety of motor skills including both large body muscles and the small muscles of the hands and fingers.
  • Blowing bubbles strengthens the muscles around the mouth as children practice oral motor skills that are needed for speaking clearly.
  • Eye-hand coordination works together with visual tracking skills to create and then follow the bubbles as they float through the air.


  • While studying the bubbles they are creating, children are introduced to many science concepts such as chemistry, surface tension, elasticity, light, angles, and geometry. And you thought they were just playing for fun!


… sharing in the process of making bubbles of different kinds. Encourage descriptive language and new vocabulary. Enjoy the sensory aspect of bubble solution and invite children to describe how it feels, what it smells like. Ask to describe the swirling colors in the bubble curtain, the shapes of bubbles, what they look like as they float in the air.