Creative Lab…….

Discover the artist within every child. Budding artists enjoy freedom of expression in this open-ended center of creativity where there is no right or wrong way to do art. Art is about the process, not the end product.


  • Children flourish in emotionally safe environments that nurture creative expression and visual communication through artistic media. As with most child behaviors, child art is direct and uncensored, providing an authentic means of self-expression for that child in that moment of time.


  • Art can be a powerful tool for children to communicate thoughts and emotions long before they can fully express themselves through words. Therefore, art can be perceived as a language that expresses what the child is thinking, doing, feeling, learning, and experiencing.


  • As children become absorbed in ideas and the creative process, they will engage with materials with great concentration. If you notice children are not smiling, it doesn’t mean they are not having fun but are more likely completely engrossed in the activity.


…asking about their work rather than assuming you know what they are creating, you could start by saying. “Tell me the story of your painting” or make an observation like “I notice you are working hard with your hands to shape the clay,” or “Oh, you are mixing the chalk with the glue – how interesting!” Be genuine! Children know when you are not sincere or are gushing about how wonderful it is just to make them feel good.