The Backporch…….

On The Backporch children can play with domino tracks, observe nature or engage in fantasy play. At the same time, parents can relax a bit, chat with other parents, or wistfully remember their own childhood experiences playing on the porch.


  • Children are totally in charge with the domino tracks as they create and recreate pathways of their own design. Beautifully handcrafted in oak, maple, mahogany, teak and cherry, the tracks were custom designed for Children’s Museum Curaçao.


  • The rhythmic sound of the dominos falling one by one creates an auditory experience as well. Can you hear the difference in tone from one kind of wood to the next?
  • Some children may not notice much difference in sound from one wood to another, while some may deliberately set up the track sequence to elicit a particular pattern of sound.


  • When children set up the domino tracks and then initiate the chain reaction, their actions are controlling the cause and effect sequence. If they bump one over before finishing the set up and they all fall down, children are also experiencing first hand the cause and effect relationship.


  • Climbing stairs is a developmental milestone for young children, allowing them to reach new heights and change perspective on their immediate surroundings. A child’s growing sense of independence is rewarded as s/he navigates up the broad steps of the deck, feeling a great sense of accomplishment.


… encouraging patience and a “can do” attitude. Help when really needed but be careful not to take over and undermine a child’s efforts. Children are probably more capable than you might think.