The Marketplace…….

This is role play paradise! A vast array of groceries are complemented by child-sized shopping carts, checkout counters and a Curaçao flavored market experience.


  • The Marketplace provides an excellent place for children to make connections to the real world. Through dramatic play some children imitate real life roles, some engage in solitary play, and others direct the scenarios of group play. Whether shopper, store clerk, or checkout person, children role-play with confidence and great flair.


  • While playing with the fruits and vegetables children are counting, sorting, estimating, comparing weights, and adding and subtracting.


  • Recognizing familiar products, naming fruits and vegetables, identifying colors and so much more enriches children’s vocabulary. Children can practice using directional language such as left, right, up, down, over, under, here, and there.


…sitting back and enjoying the show. Children naturally work together in the market, whether they know each other or not. On busy days we find it works so much better when the kids are in charge and engaged with each other rather than following adult direction. This is an exhibit zone where spontaneous play abounds and the enthusiasm is contagious.