Play Fair – Fundraising Event

Date: September 30th
Time: 5PM – 9PM
Theme: Learning Through Play for All Ages

Mark your calendars for September 30th, as we invite you to join us in celebrating the Worldwide Day of Play at the spectacular Play Fair fundraiser, hosted by the Children’s Museum Foundation.

🎈 What is Play Fair?

Play Fair is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the purest form of human expression – PLAY! In a world that often moves at breakneck speed, taking a moment to reconnect with the joy of play is essential for people of all ages. Our event is a rallying call for everyone to come together, regardless of age, and rediscover the magic that play brings into our lives.

🌍 Worldwide Day of Play

On this remarkable day, communities around the globe will pause to emphasize the significance of play. Join hands with us as we shine a spotlight on the universal importance of play – for children and adults alike. Through interactive games, creative activities, and heartwarming stories, we’ll showcase how play transcends barriers and brings us closer as a global family.

🤸‍♀️ Why Play Matters

Play is not just a pastime; it’s a fundamental building block of human development. It nurtures creativity, fosters connections, and ignites the flames of innovation. By supporting Play Fair, you’re championing a cause that influences learning, emotional well-being, and community bonding. Your contribution will echo in the laughter of children, the smiles of adults, and the brighter future we’re shaping together.

Let’s unite for an unforgettable day of play, laughter, and shared experiences. Your participation in the Play Fair Fundraising Event will not only support the Children’s Museum Foundation but also remind the world that no matter our age, play is the universal language that binds us all.

Together, let’s create a wave of awareness, joy, and appreciation for the magic of play. See you at Play Fair on September 30th!

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