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Live Atelier: Kristof Devos live at work in the Creative Lab

From Belgium to Curaçao | Artist in Residence # 2

Kinderboekenweek 2018 is coming up and we are proud to host our second Artist in Residence. He’s coming all the way from Belgium to Curaçao to share and inspire the visitors of Children’s Museum Curacao. Kristof Devos is an illustrator and author of children’s books. Kristof just released his newest book  “Max maakt een vriend” which is one of the highlighted books in the Kinderboekenweek 2018. During a week we will see him at work and there are workshops, lectures and a masterclass for young and old.

About Kristof Devos

Kristof Devos is a children’s books illustrator. His books are mostly about themes such as comfort, friendship and standing up for yourself. His books can be found in various countries, including China and the US. His illustrations were exhibited at various international exhibitions such as the Nami Competition in South Korea and Malaysia. His book ‘Schim’ (written by the IBBY president Wally De Doncker) received a White Raven Award from the International Youth Library in Munich.

“Illustrator Kristof Devos takes us into the imagination of a child” United Nations, World Food Programme



Community Artwork: Friendship

Kristof will set up his atelier in the Creative Lab of the museum. Children will be guided through the process of making their own artwork with paint. All children will make a painting of their friend. All these artworks will be collected so we can create one big community artwork.

Visit the Live Atelier of Kristof Devos:

Tuesday – Friday: between 9 am and 12 pm

Friday – Friday: between 12 and 5 pm

Costs: Free for all museum visitors


Masterclass for Adults: Character development in picture books

During a 3-hour interactive workshop participants will come up with a character for a children’s book. The aim of the workshop is to challenge adults to get out their comfort zone via various thinking, drawing and brainstorming techniques.

Participants are invited to bring their favorite drawing material themselves, but materials are also provided by the museum.



Date: Wednesday October 31st: 7 – 10 PM or Thursday November 1st: 7 – 10 PM

Please be aware that the masterclass for Wednesday is fully booked. Register now for the Thursday event via events@childrensmuseumcuracao.org

No experience needed to participate in the Masterclass

Maximum capacity is 15 persons

Costs: Nafl. 25,00

Location: Children’s Museum Curaçao


Interactive workshop for children and adults: “Imagination”

During this interactive workshop Kristof will let your imagination run wild! All participants give illustrator Kristof ideas, stories and more. Kristof quickly puts all these storylines together into one big drawing. You will learn how to look while your eyes are closed and let your imagination guide you. Everybody can participate and you don’t need any experience, just your imagination.


Date: Saturday November 3rd, 3.30 – 4:30 PM

Age: Children 9+ and adults

Costs: Free for all museum visitors

Registration: please register via events@childrensmuseumcuracao.org or join while visiting the museum.

Location: Children’s Museum Curaçao


Interactive Workshop: “Inspiration for duos”

On Sunday afternoon all museum visitors can participate in our workshop “Inspiration for duos”. Children will work together with friends, parents, grandparents etc. as a duo. They will learn how to recognize inspiration and how you can find inspiration in another person.



Date: Sunday November 4th, 3 – 4 PM

Age: Children and adults from 8 to 108 years old

Costs: Free for all museum visitors

Registration: please register via events@childrensmuseumcuracao.org or join while visiting the museum. Maximum of 30 seats available.

Location: Children’s Museum Curaçao


This program is made possible by Fonds21Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie and BankGiro Loterij Fonds.

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